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03.07.14  |  Personal

back in 2009 i took some photos of the boys in our old neighborhood. since they had off today we decided to take them back to the same spot and take some new photos. it is so hard to believe how much the past 5 years have flown by and how grown up jonas & moses seem to me now. i am so grateful for every beautiful/funny/messy moment with them.

02.10.14  |  Personal

i have sneak peeked many of these on my instagram but i thought i would share them on my blog as well.

first up is this little cutie :)

and pictures of jonas and moses in the snow

and three images from lev & gabby's wedding that is next up on the blog.

and pictures of our kittens - which yes - it has turned me into quite a crazy cat lady :)

and more pictures of snow... sigh. we have had tons of it and word on the street there is more headed our way this week. in a personal note i love that when moses smiles his eyes turn into half moons.

this is an adorable family that i shot while we were in boston a few weeks ago. geoff and i shot their wedding 3 years ago - so it was wonderful to catch up with them and meet their beautiful daughter.

and lastly - moses turned 10!

12.24.13  |  Personal

12.17.13  |  Personal

maybe it is because my family is from buffalo, new york that i love the snow so much or maybe it is the hot chocolate that always follows playing in the snow but either way the kids know that when they have a snow day there will be photos.

12.10.13  |  Personal

jonas - you are the only kid i know who doesn't mind when i wake you up at 7:40am on a day you have a snow day from school just to take some photos. you are sweet and kind and i am always so proud of you. i can't wait until thursday when you sing your solo in the 5th grade christmas concert. i am not sure where the time has gone and how you have grown up so quickly but i have loved every second of being your mom.

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