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09.11.17  |  News

I am so excited to share two Fujifilm ads for their new GFX 50s digital medium format camera using my work and little blurbs about my thoughts. I love this camera so much so it is quite an honor to have them pick my images for their print ad in the newest Click magazine.

08.24.15  |  News

instagram is my current favorite social media of choice. i used to blog my sneak peeks after each wedding but recently have loved throwing images up on instagram and saving the website feature for the whole wedding/shoot. follow me at @alisonconklin!

05.09.15  |  News

i am so thrilled to share this piece of press. i wrote an article for click magazine about my life experiences that have pushed me to be a photographer. this ended up being a very emotional endeavor for me to put this together. i wrote most of the article while sitting at my boys sports practices or on airplanes. so if you happened to see me and wondered why i was crying in the back of the bleachers - this is why - it is a very personal piece for me and part of me is quite terrified to actually share something so raw. but it's honest and it's who i am. so thank you to all of my family and friends who read and reread my article and gave me feedback along the way. i am proud of how it all turned out. you can pick up the may/june issue of click magazine online or at barnes and noble. you can also read my article here. thank you to everyone who takes the time out to read it. it is certainly a new and wonderful experience to be able to have something i wrote published.

happy mothers day - xo

01.12.15  |  News

geoff and i are excited to share that we have won the knot's best of weddings for the 5th year in a row. we can only do that with the help of such amazing clients! so thank you so much!

i am also excited to share a little interview i had in the huffington post. you can check it out here

08.20.13  |  News

geoff and i are excited to share some recent photos that made it to print. the first is a photo from mallorie & dan's beautiful wedding that geoff took. make sure to pick up the latest issue!

the second is the september issue of delaware today with the very talented and beautiful dallas shaw whose face graces the cover of the new issue. i had a great time shooting this image for her.

(the below picture is from dallas' instagram)

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