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12.12.09  |  Weddings

we are in bristol, rhode island this weekend shooting danielle & aaron's beautiful wedding. here is a sneak peek of their day after session... it was a little cold.... ok alot cold.... so they opted for jackets, scarves, and hats instead of their formal wedding attire. much more to follow this week.

12.08.09  |  Weddings

i am at a loss of words to write about danielle & pat's day. it was magical and wonderful and just being present during it was amazing. near the end of the night i stood next to one of the bridesmaids and she told me how amazing danielle was. how she was the kindest - funniest - sweetest person anyone could know. and that all of the good and wonderful things that could happen to her were beyond deserved. i knew all of that to be true. danielle & pat's smiles are contagious. their warm spirits and fun nature made it impossible not to love every second of the the wedding. here are a few of geoff & my favorites from the day.

oh and yes another fantastic hair clip by lo boheme

we set up the first site between d & p in the snow. it had been snowing for about an hour and the ground was covered. it made for such a romantic moment between the two of them.

they had their first dance to 'a kiss to build a dream on'

and here is their slideshow

d+p - i am pretty sure you know how much geoff and i adore you both! thank you for letting us be part of it all!

12.06.09  |  Weddings

it snowed today and it was magical.

09.03.09  |  Weddings

my mailbox has been filled with all sorts of goodies lately! the first is from danielle & pat's save the date card. it is perfectly designed and letter-pressed - which is no surprise because she is a graphic designer for love leigh invitations!!

the next is from jessica & rob's save the date. they used one of my favorite images from their engagement session!

we got an invitation to sandy & bill's upcoming wedding in key west! geoff and i can't wait to shoot it!!

and lastly i found this great handbag designer on :: made by hank. i got my order a few days ago and i love the little zipper purse! i have to mention that i found out about hank through brooke's blog!!

11.10.08  |  Engagements

i love engagement sessions where we just get to walk around with no particular plan and that is exactly how danielle & pat's session was. we stumbled across some fantastic locations in philly and got to know each other as well! i had such a great time. danielle has such great style which makes sense because she is the owner of loveleigh invitations & design studio.

we started in washington square park where pat asked her to marry him.

i love this series... we were all cracking up while shooting them. (thanks pat for being such a good sport!)

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