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Ringo Project / Click Magazine Blog

06.20.20  |  Personal
At the start of quarantine Geoff and I decided that we needed a project. Something to distract us from the news and keep us busy at home. I wrote all about our project for Click Magazine. You can read all about here.

jonas & clementine and the snow

02.10.17  |  Personal

moses turns 13 (so this means we are parents of two teenagers?!)

02.06.17  |  Personal
well today starts a new chapter in our lives. two teenagers in our house. moses turned 13 today. my baby is 13. i am always at a loss of words when i think about how quickly time goes. i am so grateful to be jonas & moses' mom. they make me proud, they make me laugh, they can occasionally make me crazy - lol - but i wouldn't change it for the world. i would always choose these two to have adventures with.

i grabbed moses and our great dane puppy clementine for some quick photos today. the two of them are growing like weeds - ha!

striped sweaters and great dane puppies

01.27.17  |  Personal
since i haven't shared any personal photos on my blog in a while i thought i would share some images of jonas & moses as well as our new puppy! jonas is now 14!!! and moses is weeks away from being 13. i don't know when they got so old! and i don't even want to discuss taking jonas to his walk thru at the HIGHSCHOOL last week?! but i wouldn't trade it for anything though.

right before new years we had to say goodbye to our beloved dog chloe. our family was devastated and our 15 year old dog molly was lonely as she has always had chloe by her side. soooo we did some searching and we found clementine - a great dane puppy. she was 14 weeks old and 47 lbs when we got her a few weeks ago. now she is 16 weeks and 53 lbs. clementine has fit right into our family and we are loving her up. it is amazing how quickly she is growing and how big she will be... soon!! if anyone else is a crazy dog person like our family is and you want to follow along with her adventures - she has her own instagram.

friends of ours loved clementine so much that they just adopted her brother! his picture is at the bottom of the blog and his name is carl!

happy july

07.11.16  |  Personal