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10.29.09  |  Personal

jonas & moses have been home sick from school all week. fevers and coughs and all of that yucky stuff that comes with this time of year. moses and rhiannon were going to have a date to the pumpkin patch yesterday but with moses being under the weather we had to reschedule. so today in our mailbox was the cutest little letter addressed to moses. i thought it was too cute not to share.

i hope it makes you smile like it made moses smile :)

and if you want to refresher of their past dates...

date one

date two

date three

10.27.09  |  Weddings

there are so many things that i loved about jennifer & domenick's wedding. i loved her loboheme hair clip. and i loved that they played kings of leon during dinner. and danced to dashboard confessional's song 'stolen' as their first dance. but what i loved most was that they were just so excited to get married. it was no secret. and even though there were moments when the rain and wind had umbrellas turned inside out - they were up for anything. they were standing in the rain at points during the day but i am not even sure they noticed - because they were married and it was the best day ever.

here are a few of my favorites.

jennifer used her mother's wedding dress for the wrap around the stems of her flowers. her parents just celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary last weekend!

and here is their slideshow. i used one of my favorite 'jets to brazil' songs - sweet avenue

10.27.09  |  Engagements

i loved lisa & matt's energy. they were fun and sweet and i had a great time walking around doylestown with them.

here area few of my favorites!

10.26.09  |  Engagements

sunday was amazing. it seemed like it was the perfect fall day - all of the leaves were colorful and bright! kara & dennis are sweet and kind and wandering around valley forge park with them was relaxing.

here are a few of my favorites!

10.26.09  |  Portraits

a few weeks ago i stopped by one of my best friends home to catch up. she happens to have three beautiful children and one on the way... so i brought my camera for some quick portraits of them. everyone is growing up so fast. i have been photographing them since they were born!

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