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11.29.08  |  Portraits

i had a great time photographing heather's family. everyone was so much fun and up for anything. here are a few of my favorites.

my personal favorite

11.28.08  |  Portraits

i was so excited to photograph jesse's family this week. she is always so much fun to be around and little jonah is just to cute for words.

i started by hanging out with jonah while he ate his lunch...

then he decided he wanted to show off his train set.

then we headed to the park

11.28.08  |  Personal

we arrived in jamestown a little bit before one am. when we got there we headed directly to sleep... just to be woken up a few hours later to the smell of thanksgiving. my uncle had started the turkey at 6am... so the aroma filled the house and i can't imagine a better way to wake on thanksgiving!

here are a few of my snapshots from the day.

jonas loves his aunt cheri.

uncle steve slaved over the oven cooking the food.

moses and uncle rusty made the crust for an apple pie.

sydney was bummed that he didn't get any food... (well people food...)

when it was all said and done moses and jonas had hot cocoa with uncle rusty.

this morning we woke up to a snow advisory... so of course the first thing that the boys wanted to do when they woke up was go outside in the snow... so here are a few from the morning.

i have to say that being surrounded by all of my family and all of the snow (almost 2 feet) has me completely in the holiday spirit! so i also wanted to post my favorite artist singing my favorite christmas carol :) so enjoy! i hope that every one had a wonderful thanksgiving!!

i also wanted to share some pictures from when we went sledding on thanksgiving that my aunts took :)

11.25.08  |  News

Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope that everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow!

We are headed to upstate NY from November 26th until December 1st. I will be blogging while I am away... I have a great family session that I shot today that I can't wait to share as well as images from the Lehigh Valley Wine trail that I have been working on as well.

And of course I will share the stories from our trip...

So more to follow!!!

11.25.08  |  Portraits

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