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12.30.09  |  Weddings

geoff and i spent yesterday driving to boston for dara & mike's wedding festivities. during our drive we talked about all sorts of things but being that it is the end of the year we talked a lot about all of the things that had happened in 2009... it has been an amazing year of travels and beautiful weddings and amazing people. and now to close out our year we were headed north to spend NYE with some of our favorite people.... kim & matt, mandi & wade,
marcee & nate, and dara & mike. (and we can't think of a better way to spend it!)

this morning geoff and i walked around harvard square and quincy market. the wedding itself will be at the boston harbor hotel. here are a few pictures from our day.

the rehearsal dinner was held at one of the coolest restaurants i have ever been to... the beehive

i loved the eclectic feel and all of the amazing art that hung on the walls.

and as a surprise to dara and mike - mike's mom had gathered vintage hats for each guest to wear during dinner. it just added to the cool vibe of the night.

and check out how cute these two are!!!

can't wait for tomorrow!

happy new year everyone!

12.24.09  |  Engagements

have i mentioned lately how much i love winter? i know it is cold but there is something so beautiful about the simplicity of snow. i had a great time shooting emily & tom's engagement session. they are from denver and are in town for the holiday. (and i found out they live on the same street in denver as my uncle which just reminds me of what a small world it is!) here are a few of my favorites.

i hope that everyone is having a great christmas eve.

12.22.09  |  Personal

date one

date two

date three

12.18.09  |  Portraits

In late October I blogged about my beautiful friend jen and her kids getting ready for the newest addition to their family. Well on 11.19 Geneva Sandra arrived a perfect 7lbs 6oz.

Being that it is the holiday season i wanted to share their story.

At 20 weeks gestation Jen and her husband Eric were told that their child was missing an artery and at a high risk of having a fatal chromosomal defect called trisomy 18 - a combination which would lead to organ defects and delayed growth. The news was devastating but Jen and Eric kept faith that their child would be ok. Within a week of hearing the news, Eric went to the doctor for a cold that wouldn't go away and one chest x-ray later was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Suddenly their world was flipped upside down. Through all of the doctors visits,hospital stays, chemo treatments and tough decisions I watched as my friends handled it all with grace. I was in Key West when Geneva was born but I remember getting this email and being overjoyed for them:

"So, after many long months, to now hold in our arms this precious, beautiful work of His hands brings tears to our eyes and joy to our hearts. Geneva was born without complication. She is beautiful and her growth is perfect. She is a true gift. The cysts on her brain are gone. The missing artery did not affect her growth at all. She did have some tests after birth to check her heart. There are two things they will monitor as she grows, but we were told there is no need for concern. We will go back for a follow up when she is 6-9 months old. The dr. said we should not worry, just enjoy and love her. That is what we plan to do!!!!!!!!"

12.16.09  |  Weddings

the linden place was such a beautiful location for aaron & danielle's wedding. the venue had such character and history. i am really falling in love with all of these winter weddings - there is something so romantic about them. aaron and danielle were great to shoot - aaron kept us laughing all day and danielle looked stunning. here are a few of our favorites.

and here is their slideshow

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