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02.29.12  |  Engagements

ryan & sean first dated in 6th grade. it was more of a 'do you want to hang out at recess?' sort of love - but when they ran into each other again years later it became a 'do you want to hang out for the rest of our lives?' kind of thing.

r&s :: thanks for such a fun afternoon in the city! can't wait until the wedding!

02.28.12  |  Engagements

i had a wonderful time walking around the university where victoria & tommy met and fell in love.

02.27.12  |  Portraits

last fall the ladies over at styled creative and i worked on images for dallas shaw's new website. the shoot was amazing! you can check out more images and more of dallas's stunning work at her site!

02.25.12  |  Engagements

02.18.12  |  Portraits

i wanted to share one of my favorite images from a recent shoot i did with the oh so talented ladies at styled creative for brown betty bakery.

happy weekend everyone!

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