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03.31.09  |  Portraits

i have an obsession... is one of my favorite sites and my favorite seller is LoBoheme. her hair clips are unique, beautiful and each one amazes me in its own way because each one is a piece of art. i was excited to gather my beautiful friends, stephanie and shennon for a photo shoot with LoBoheme's work.

be on the look out for a bunch more photo shoots like these... i have a box of goodies from LoBoheme... obsessed I tell you... obsessed!

03.29.09  |  Weddings

i photographed lisa's sister's wedding a little over a year ago - so it was wonderful to see everyone again.

i loved this shot of the bridesmaids helping lisa to the car.

dominick & lisa were married in a beautiful church in north brunswick, nj.

after the ceremony everyone headed to west orange, nj for their reception at the manor. dominick is a huge apple fan... so we had to take the classic iphone picture.

the dances were my favorite part of the day. they were emotional and sweet.

here is the slideshow. lisa asked me to use their first dance song which was carrie underwood's 'inside your heaven'

03.27.09  |  Personal

this isn't moses & rhiannon's second date... this is actually their fourth. it is tradition for us to take the boys to 3D movies - they are always so much fun. so when i told moses that we were going to see this on friday... he said that rhiannon had to come along as well. but i started thinking that if she is going to be part of the family - she needs to get used to the camera... as it's part of everyday life for us. so when we planned to take the lovebirds to see monsters vs aliens in 3D i knew that i would bring the camera for a few quick pictures. and i am glad i did. we had a blast and rhiannon is just the cutest. (and the movie is really fun!)

03.25.09  |  Portraits

ethan is such a beautiful baby boy! so when stacy came over this morning to help me hang frames (she is the combo between martha stewart and bob villa when it comes to home decorating... and i am not so good with hammers and making things straight on the so i kept ethan busy with taking some pictures.

here are a few of my favorites.

03.24.09  |  Engagements

we got sandy & bill's save the date card in the mail last week and i thought it was so cute that i had to share it! (it's much cuter than my scan can actually represent)

we shot their pictures in nyc and geoff and i had the best time with them so of course we are thrilled to shoot their wedding in key west this year. :)

here is the front...

and here is the back... check out the stamp!

here is another image from their session that will always remain one of my most favorite engagement photos.

hope everyone is having a great week!

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