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04.30.09  |  Portraits

there is a rain storm headed our way and as i passed my window a million times during the day - it wasn't raining - it was simply overcast and it was perfect for shooting. jenna and i had planned on shooting tonight. i still have my box of lovely hair clips from LoBoheme and i knew that shooting with jenna would be perfect. it always amazes me that when i email about the idea of shooting and what i have planned that everyone still says yes. i took jenna to a small field next to two major streets where drivers would turn their heads wondering why on this random thursday there was a bride lying down in the grass.

(and just in case it is not obvious i am in love with all of LoBoheme's work)

jenna - thank you for being you :)

04.27.09  |  Weddings

i remember when i met lauren & ryan for coffee. long after they had finished looking at all of my albums - we were still sitting there chatting as if we had known each other for years. i have been looking forward to their wedding ever since.

i have so much i want to share from this wedding.

i love shooting at aldie mansion

ryan is a graphic designer. he was very proud of all of his programs and place cards and all of the little details that he incorporated. (as he should be!! it really was such a great touch to everything!)

they had such a beautiful day for an outside ceremony!

i love this image from the first dance. they picked a landon pig song to dance too.

we tried something new for this wedding. my friend mike panic set up a photo booth during the reception... so guests could have portraits taken and be a little silly. i loved the way it turned out and i thought it was a big hit at the party!

and here is their slideshow!

04.27.09  |  Engagements

a few words to describe amy and des would be.... bright, charismatic, sweet, and ridiculously fun. it was such a beautiful day in the city yesterday and we took full advantage of it. geoff and i are shooting their wedding this summer in ireland!!! (i do my excited happy dance every time i think about it!) here are a few of my favorites from yesterday :)

04.22.09  |  Personal

sure we could actually have checked the weather forecast for today. or we could have listened to our husbands telling us... 'you know - it is not really beach weather... right?' but where is the sense of adventure in that?

jenn and i had planned on meeting at the beach today with our brood of boys and we did just that. the twins are getting so big so fast! they are now 3 months old! here are a few pictures of jenn and her beautiful boys.

and here are my boys. i got their shirts from etsy of course... from the seller happy family. the boys love wearing them :) oh and talking about etsy my friend brooke just opened up her own shop for photo booth posters... so check it out here.

the photos on the beach lasted maybe... ten minutes as it was raining. but it was all worth it becuase we had a really yummy lunch in town and had a lot of fun being outnumbered by kids.

happy earth day everybody!

04.20.09  |  News

a few months ago i received an email that i was a finalist in the 6th annual PDN top knots national competition. the image is from nina & tom's first dance at the brooklyn botanical gardens. it is such an honor to be part of this years competition. i am so excited to be included among such talented photographers. one of my favorite photographers, anna kuperburg, had the cover of pdn this issue.

the image is on page 69 of the april issue.

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