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05.31.09  |  Weddings

05.30.09  |  Weddings

i wanted to quickly share one picture from christiana & santiago's wedding last night. they are amazing dancers - which is fitting because their romance started at a dance class they took together.

more to follow soon!

05.28.09  |  Weddings

on monday geoff and i traveled to yonkers, ny to x2o xavier's on the hudson for merri & ned's wedding. here are a few of our favorites.

the music was incredible. neshama carlebach sang their first dance and it was beautiful.

their wedding cake featured little figurines of everyone in their immediate family (down to their exact outfit they were wearing that day)! the guests got such a kick out of it!

and here is their slideshow

05.27.09  |  Weddings

jennifer & greg met at work. they were lab partners and to copy a phrase from one of the toasts... once they had met they knew that they had met their match. their wedding was at the lake house inn which was beautiful. here are a few of my favorites.

elysian fields did all of the amazing and bright flowers. they were all so beautiful!

jenn's son drew made the cake topper for them. i thought that was such a sweet touch!

how amazing are their center pieces??

and here is their slideshow

05.26.09  |  Weddings

julie is one of the most tender hearted people i know and justin has an infectious smile. they are so sweet together and it made shooting their wedding a blast. i actually knew most of the bridal party already because of another wedding i shot last year - so it was great seeing everyone again!

here are a few of my favorites....

and here is their slideshow!

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