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07.29.09  |  Weddings

here is their slideshow! i used their first dance song as well as beautiful day by u2. geoff and i got to see u2 in concert while we were in dublin with amy & des. we all loved it... it was an amazing show! i wanted to say thank you to everyone who commented on their wedding blog. it truly was such a great day. enjoy the slideshow.

07.27.09  |  Weddings

i have never been great with words. but i know that i need to say that being brought across the atlantic to photograph amy & des's wedding was amazing. they are beautiful people who are madly in love and their sincerity and joy just radiates off of them. our trip to ireland was phenomenal. there are moments that i will be talking about for the rest of my life. destinations are always my favorite because i get to spend so much time with everyone involved in the wedding. i listen and hear stories and meet such awesome people.

my morning started with the girls getting ready at the carton house.

amy literally got the last 4 peonies that were left in ireland (no exaggeration!!) and mixed with the ranunculus it was one of my favorite bouquets.

alyson smyth did such a great job on everyone's make-up

i think when amy was getting her veil on was the moment it hit her she was getting married!!! (and to steal a phrase from her mom... "she was getting married to the man of her dreams!!!") christine did such beautiful job on amy's hair.

i love this shot just because it shows off the awesome room that they were getting ready in! and also to the right is their wonderful wedding planner blaithin o'reilly who not only kept the day moving smoothly but who also let me in on all of the irish traditions that i didn't know about.

we had a few minutes before we left the church to take some pictures of the girls...

geoff was with des and the guys while they got ready. he had spent the day prior photographing the infamous "american vs irish" golf tournament and had the best time with everyone.

i love des's pocket square. it is the bow tie that his dad wore the day of his wedding

geoff got this of the des and his four brothers walking into church for the ceremony.

they were married in the same church that des's parents were married in.

after the ceremony we headed to the grounds of the beautiful carton house

how cute is this little guy?!

while we were shooting geoff leaned over to me and whispered... "we don't have clouds like this back home..."

amy & des's parents

they had their first dance to jackie wilson's "higher and higher"

i will keep the rest for the slideshow... including a dress change... and emotional toasts that lasted 88 minutes and i cried through the entire thing.... (des even toasted geoff and i which was unforgettable and so sweet!)

and here is their slideshow

07.25.09  |  Weddings

07.19.09  |  News

geoff and i are off to shoot des & amy's wedding in ireland! we will be out of the office until the end of the month. i will return all phone calls and emails once we get back!

07.19.09  |  Weddings

today was perfect. it was beautiful and sunny and just an amazing day for nichole & cody's wedding. geoff and i loved shooting it.

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