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07.17.10  |  Engagements

i had a great time shooting these photos of kristin & greg. it almost felt like we had the beach to ourselves.

07.13.10  |  Engagements

kat & jon first met in old city philadelphia so it was a great place to shoot their engagement session.

07.12.10  |  Engagements

how jimmy asked alex to marry him was amazing. it involved renting out a vintage theater, having the marquee changed with their names, showing a slideshow on the big screen and having all of their friends and family there... amazing right?

i am so thrilled to be shooting their wedding next year.

07.10.10  |  Weddings

what i love most about my job is meeting such incredible people.

i mean truly incredible people.

erin and randy have had a tough year. filled with things that most people don't see in one lifetime. but today they both knew that they were starting fresh. that this was the start of a new year... and a new life for them both. i love this photo because they are completely happy.

07.06.10  |  Personal

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