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kids in the kitchen // lehigh valley style

10.27.16  |  editorial
i pitched the idea back in february. moses had just filmed his episode of food network's chopped junior and i was sort of obsessed with the idea of kids in the kitchen. moses had been going to 29 cooks since they opened and had really taken his skills to the next level with the guidance and care of cindie feldman. luckily, the editors loved the idea and gave me the green light to sort of build this shoot from the ground up. so i gathered a few of my favorite people and we put it together. i loved being able to produce this shoot from the start but couldn't have done it without everyone involved and of course the talented team at lehigh valley style who brought it to life with their design and layouts.

the kids are so bright, talented and all of them love food! it was so much fun working with them. you can see a really cute behind the scenes video that will give you more of an idea on each of the kids personality and just how huge that salmon shane held up really was!

i hope you enjoy the feature as much as i do. i of course love it from a professional standpoint but also as the proud mom.