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nicole & garri | newlyweds

06.01.09  |  Portraits
you know those stories where two people find each other because they are standing next to one another in line at a starbucks? well that is exactly how nicole and garri met. they are both playful and fun and i had a great time with them on sunday morning. they were married on a mountain in denver this winter and from listening to them tell me about their day it sounded amazing.

i was lucky enough to meet nicole because she works for two paper dolls, and as a wedding gift the dolls gave her a gift certificate for a post wedding portrait session. (oh and check out their new site) i have been looking forward to shooting these for months. i have had a blast working with nicole thru tpd's so i knew that this would be so much fun!

here are a few of my favorites...
(i love these two pictures because of the one simple cloud in the sky)