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marcee, nate, & aidan

09.20.09  |  Portraits

what i love most about my job is being able to hear people's stories. sometimes they are cute stories about how they met for the first time or how they proposed or what makes them... them. i think it is pretty amazing to be able to hear about everyone. we all have moments that define us or push us into who we are today and marcee and her family certainly have a story of courage, but i wanted to be able to do it justice - so i asked one of her best friends kim to share it. below is what kim wrote about marcee. i hope that it touches you as much as it has me.

I'll never forget the moment my best friend of over 15 years called me at 5:30am to tell me the results of her pregnancy test. (I made her PROMISE me the night before that she would call me immediately after taking it)

Marcee-"It looks like there are two pink lines, well, kinda, but I can barely see the second pink line."
Me- "Huh. . .well, what does that mean? Read the instructions!"
Marcee- She reads, "If a second line appears no matter how faint, you are pregnant. Wait, what?"
Me- "Oh man Marce, you're pregnant!!!!!!"
Marcee- "Oh. . .WOW!"

Little did we know how quickly such wonderful news would turn into an unforeseen challenge. What began as the most thrilling experience for Marcee and her husband Nate, quickly advanced into an overwhelming nightmare. The characteristic first trimester morning sickness never went away, and in fact it worsened with each week of Marcee's pregnancy. She couldn't keep anything down, solid or liquid and before long she had lost almost 20% of her body weight. After numerous visits to the hospital to treat dehydration she finally got the diagnosis- hyperemesis gravidarum or HG. HG not only robbed Marcee of the all the joys of pregnancy, but it left her so weak that she was bed ridden for most of it. She had a PICC line inserted to deliver her nutrition and medications from a bag since she could not physically eat anything for several months. HG claimed my best friend's life as she knew it- job, home, independence and stripped her of the very essence of her being.

Through the grace of God, the unwavering love and support of Nate, her mom, and so many others, she survived HG. Marcee is truly the most selfless and amazing best friend a girl could ever ask for. I have always admired her outgoing and loving personality, but the strength, courage, and grace that shone through the dark shadows of those months are an entirely new source of inspiration. The love and appreciation that her and Nate share together and now with their beautiful blessing, Aidan James is simply incredible. Looking into his big blue eyes is an affirmation that some things in life are simply worth it.