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moses + rhiannon | happy valentines

01.21.10  |  Personal
i promised myself that i would not blog these photos until february. but then i sat here and looked at them with rhiannon's mom and we both knew that i couldn't wait more than 2 hours after shooting them to blog. rhiannon and moses are still going strong. it has been a year since rhiannon wrote moses a letter confessing her love for him. when her mom and i were looking at the photos we just could not get over how big they are getting. they looked so little when we started this love affair but now for some reason they look all grown up. maybe that is what kindergarten does to you?
and yes i made a slideshow... ;p

(in case this is the first time you are at my blog and you are wondering why i am talking about a love affair between two 5 year olds.... you can catch up here :)

date one

date two

date three

date four