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04.22.09  |  Personal
sure we could actually have checked the weather forecast for today. or we could have listened to our husbands telling us... 'you know - it is not really beach weather... right?' but where is the sense of adventure in that?

jenn and i had planned on meeting at the beach today with our brood of boys and we did just that. the twins are getting so big so fast! they are now 3 months old! here are a few pictures of jenn and her beautiful boys.
and here are my boys. i got their shirts from etsy of course... from the seller happy family. the boys love wearing them :) oh and talking about etsy my friend brooke just opened up her own shop for photo booth posters... so check it out here.
the photos on the beach lasted maybe... ten minutes as it was raining. but it was all worth it becuase we had a really yummy lunch in town and had a lot of fun being outnumbered by kids.
happy earth day everybody!