Lynne - Oooo, beautiful, sultry, innocent...Alison captured so many moods...all of them stunning. You are a photographer's dream subject and Alison is a phenomenal photographer! Love you!  05.12.09, 8:43pm
Allyson - These pictures are awesome! I love all of them, and Jenna looks beautiful! Hi Jenna!!! :)  05.01.09, 11:44am
MOM MICHALIK - Alison the pics are stunning and you have captured the ONE WITH NATURE so well!! Jenna you look stunning!  05.01.09, 10:08am
danielle - loveee this piece! love LoBoheme! and jenna is beautiful!!!!  05.01.09, 8:26am
Briony - these are fantastic! if i were driving by...i would have stopped and watched. hahaha i need to get some peeps that like getting their pics taken.  05.01.09, 7:58am
jenn - I love these! The 2nd to last is my favorite! And the hair clip is great :)  05.01.09, 7:23am
stacy - al...these are awesome! i love the look in the field! so pretty and natural. love the clip too! great job!  05.01.09, 6:39am
Erica - So awesome- she looks fabulous and so do the pictures. What a fun shoot!  05.01.09, 4:44am
Lauren - Wow Alison, these are some of my faves so far, the backgrounds are amazing, and Jenna is so stunning, those eyes are so piercingly beautiful. I am in love the the dandelion photos and the grass. Geez, every time I think they can't get better they do, thank you!!  04.30.09, 10:04pm