Paul Adams - Wow -- great captures of emotional moments. Love the FOB/bride dance shots, and the teary mom (?) (30.jpg)  07.16.09, 4:24pm
Leila Miller - Eclatante Event Design - Mandi & Wade are an amazing couple! These photos really capture their warmth and love they have for each other. It spread to everyone throughout the day. It was a pleasure being a part of their wedding and working with amazing people like Alison and her husband!!!  07.13.09, 3:53pm
Sammie - I am so happy I was there to witness my cousins wedding. These pictures are beautiful. Looking at these pictures make me feel like I am at Mandi's wedding all over again.  07.07.09, 5:29pm
Betty - I have never seen such beautiful wedding pictures. The love that Mandi and Wade have for each other is breathtaking, I feel honored to have witnessed it at their joyful wedding and again in these pictures. Thank you.  07.07.09, 2:18pm
Marcee - Alison, these are amazing!!! You did such a fabulous job and I know Mandi and Wade are going to be thrilled. Our crew surely will miss you after Dara and Mike's wedding...although I am sure we can find reasons to hang out again! :)  07.07.09, 9:11am
Mandi & Wade - Alison, Thank you so much! As always you've done an amazing job capturing the emotion of the day. We loved having you and Geoff be a part of it. We are on our honeymoon and can't load the slideshow, but the blog looks amazing. You are THE BEST!!!!  07.07.09, 8:12am
Kristin D'Aiello - Alison, these pictures are fabulous! You do such wonderful work, and I'm sure it makes your job easier when you have such a beautiful couple to photograph! You truly captured the essence of this wonderful day. Love the pictures!!!  07.06.09, 9:06pm
Kim (MOH) - Oh Alison, you and Geoff did such an amazing job capturing my beautiful best friend and her adorable hubby! The pictures are perfect and capture all of the precious moments of the day. I knew they would be great, but you have managed to out-do yourself, again! I know Mandi and Wade will LOVE them and the emotions they carry with them.  07.06.09, 1:15pm
Sarah Lane - ALISON!! These are amazing!! Love the brides freckles! Those shots of daughter and dad are priceless. And mom tearing up! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Way to go!  07.06.09, 12:35pm
Star (the teary-eyed mom) - Thank you, all for the lovely comments. Alison did an amazing job, as Mandi knew she would. Alison was the first vendor Mandi booked because Mandi just adored her work for a long time. Mandi would have rebooked dates on Alison's availability! Great work, great girl, that Alison! Oh, and thanks for the compliment on the first dance. We all worked very hard on that one!  07.06.09, 9:41am
Briony - so many beautiful moments captured here...wonderful job!  07.06.09, 9:36am
Sarah Neal - Wow... you captured some really unrepeatable, unposeable emotion. Great moments. I love this wedding. I really love the bride's flowers. They're pretty spectacular!  07.06.09, 9:23am
Jane - Anyone who has you shooting their wedding are so lucky! You are so creative and can tell that everyone is having a great time. LOVE all of these! They are amazing.  07.06.09, 8:25am
stacy - fantastically awesome! mandi and wade are sooooo cute together...and what a BEAUTIFUL venue! looks like a picture perfect wedding and you captured it so perfectly! fabulous job!  07.06.09, 8:08am
jenn - This couple is ADORABLE! I adore her freckles! I love the Lake House Inn, and the ceremony shots are beautiful! And that looks like one heck of a 1st dance!!  07.06.09, 7:49am
Amy - these shots are beautiful. love the brides freckles! love the teary eyed mom. the bed shot is so adorable! beautiful work alison.  07.06.09, 5:54am
Raquel - Really gorgeous shots Alison! The venue is beautiful and those outdoor scenic shots of the ceremony are beautiful!  07.06.09, 1:33am