emily - From one fellow Villanovan Class of 2006 to another, Nichole, you looked gorgeous!! Simply stunning work, Alison!  07.19.10, 10:55am
Rene (Cody's mom) - Alison and Geoff- Thank you for taking amazing pictures! You managed to capture the love, joy and beauty of Cody and Nichole's day. It brings tears to my eyes when I watch the slide show.  07.29.09, 8:25am
Nichole & Cody - Alison & Geoff thank you soo much again! Just got back from our honeymoon and watching that slideshow let us relive the day. Hope you had fun in Ireland...Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  07.28.09, 9:54am
Judy Horn - Absolutely gorgeous photos!!! The joy and love are captured in each photo. Congrats Cody & Nichole!! Love you!  07.24.09, 9:58pm
danielle - GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!wedding pics this good , make you fall in love everytime you see them~ congrats grl...~d~  07.23.09, 11:24pm
Margaret Cooley - Oh my gosh! These are beautiful pictures. It was like the photographer caught your joy in each photo. Like the freshest squeezing of a lemon drop, pure joy. I came to look at my friend's wedding and found yours first. Congratulations- live happily ever after!  07.23.09, 12:56pm
jenna - I want that yellow car!! SO AWESOME! :)  07.22.09, 3:14pm
Aunt Kate - Nichole & Cody, I must have looked at your photos at least 20 times since Sunday and have cried everytime. Your love for each other and the people who shared your day truly comes across in these pictures. I can't wait to see the rest! Love you both, Aunt Kate  07.22.09, 2:28pm
Megan Peters Fagan - Nicole an Cody congrats....the pics are so nice you look beautiful Nicole..  07.21.09, 8:41am
Valerie Missmer - These pics are absolutely gorgeous. I love the car pictures! But they all are just amazing! Congratulations both of you!!!  07.20.09, 1:01pm
Lauren - These are stunning! You two are too beautiful. Such a great wedding!! Wishing you an amazing honeymoon!!  07.20.09, 8:49am
abby Ogden - I love the car/field photo! Looks like an amazing reception site! Awesome pictures!  07.20.09, 8:15am
Cindy - I love this wedding x 1000000!! :) Fantastic job in capturing all the emotions and the beauty of the wedding! :)  07.20.09, 2:12am
Johanna Townsend - Nichole & Cody - Congratulations on this next chapter in your lives together! Your wedding pictures are stunning! They did a WONDERFUL job! Best wishes always!  07.19.09, 6:54pm
Megan Angelo - Nichole, you looked STUNNING, I almost cried when I looked at these! Hope you had so much fun. Alison, Nichole and I were in the same class at Villanova... it was such a thrill to see someone I know in your gorgeous pics, and I can't wait for you to shoot my day!  07.19.09, 1:53pm
Nichole - Thank you so much Alison! I thought I was going to sleep in this morning but I couldn't because I just wanted to see the pictures...AMAZING! You are Awesome:o)  07.19.09, 10:51am
ann - best i have ever seen!  07.19.09, 10:34am
Erica - Fabulous- LOVE the car pictures. Her bridesmaid dresses are adorable. Hope you're having a great weekend :)  07.19.09, 7:18am
stacy - sooooo pretty! nichole looked gorgeous! i love the photos! can't wait the see the rest!  07.19.09, 5:49am