Justin - Your photography is so spot on. Just incredible work on this wedding!  08.29.11, 1:15am
Atik - Awsome...ALL are very beautiful...  06.18.11, 10:08am
jared - I really loved the rings on the rock shot, awesome!! What an excellent photographer!! Your wedding was really beautiful.  01.03.11, 4:00pm
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nicole - STUNNING!  08.04.09, 9:31pm
Sarah Schulte - Beautiful photos, Alison! I was just on my honeymoon in Ireland, and my husband and I kept saying that same exact thing about the clouds! Again, wonderful work.  08.03.09, 4:05pm
Nina & Tom - Alison, It was so so wonderful to see you and Geoff in Ireland. The pictures are absolutely stunning. As always, you did such a phenomenal job capturing the joy, spirit and beauty of the couple and the day!!  07.30.09, 11:51pm
Denise Weaver - omg...amaaaaaazing. so beautiful! What a beautiful wedding and you captured it perfectly! Wow!  07.30.09, 9:36pm
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Marion - I got a lump in my throat from seeing such exceptional photos......You and Geoff made me feel so homesick you can't imagine....second time that happened since moving here in '96....thank you for that...sometimes I forget (and am a little complacent at) just how beautiful Ireland is.  07.29.09, 7:21pm
Ann F. - Phenomenal! Beautiful people, magic moments, breathtaking photos... The commentary makes it even more special. Can't wait to see the slideshow.  07.29.09, 4:15pm
Papa Z - Alison & Geoff - what awesome pictures. It's obvious why Amy & Des were so intent on you capturing their special day. You both were able to capture the spirit, love and energy of the momment. The joy of the occasion has been matched by the joy we will have for years to come with your pictures. Cheers to you.  07.29.09, 10:32am
Paddy - Alison and Geoff...what amazing pictures and all taken with so little fuss... Looking forward to seeing the rest. take care paddy  07.29.09, 9:32am
Sarah Neal - Alison... this wedding is spectacular. Those dresses... and that SKY!! You really outdid yourself on this one. Lots of tangible joy evident in all the pics.  07.29.09, 8:49am
Jen L - I don't normally comment even though I love all of your photos, but these are amazing! I really want to go to Ireland now!  07.29.09, 7:07am
Ger (Des's Brother) - Alison and Geoff, I cannot believe the pictures you got, they are exceptional.I can see now why Des and Amy brought you over from the States for their wedding as you are both truly talented people I am looking forward to the slide show. All the best Ger.  07.29.09, 6:19am
jason - These are gorgeous Alison. Take care!  07.29.09, 4:14am
Sean - What an incredible series, love each and every one of these photographs! Wow!  07.29.09, 4:00am
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aunt cheri - These are fabulous pictures. I love them all. I love the picture of Des and his brothers...they could be quintuplets they look so much alike. Amy was a beautiful bride. Everyone looked like they were having great fun. You rock, dear niece!  07.28.09, 10:47am
Aunt Gigi - Your work is just beautiful. You have captured the love that they feel for each other. I find myself looking at your web site everyday. It was a pleasure getting to spend time with the both of you and I hope to see you again.  07.28.09, 10:25am
Bláithín O' Reilly Murphy - Alison, you are an amazing photographer. These pictures are truly stunning! If was such a pleasure to meet and work alongside yourself and Geoff. I love your style and approach to photography! Please 'reconsider' the niche we discussed! : ) Would very much love to work with you in the future! Kindest Regards, Bláithín  07.28.09, 8:52am
Raquel - Amazing pictures! All the outdoor scenic shots are soooo gorgeous! What a lucky couple they are to have you and Geoff travel with them and capture their beautiful, destination wedding in breathtaking pictures!  07.28.09, 8:33am
Jessica Fike - Great photos! I especially love the ones with the huge, awesome, amazing clouds! Your husband is right. We don't have those kind of clouds here in the states. I can't wait to see your next post filled with pictures!! So awesome!! :)  07.28.09, 7:49am
Erica - oh my breath taking! Just gorgeous Alison! You have outdone yourself yet again! The location is incredible, LOVE her bridesmaid dresses- how unique. The picture of the guys walking in is INCREDIBLE! I could go on for days...  07.28.09, 6:10am
John (Des's Brother) - Alison and Geoff - The photos are great and I am sure they are even better than Des and Amy could have ever imagined. They definitely capture the moment and the mood in a manner that will remind us all of the great day we had. You cannot help but smile as you flick through the different pictures. It was a pleasure meeting you both and you are welcome back anytime. We will look you up next time we are in NYC.  07.28.09, 3:27am
Stacee Lianna - These are beautiful!!!  07.28.09, 12:18am
Marcee - Alison, these are AMAZING! It's so funny that Geoff said that about the clouds because I said to Kim yesterday..."Even the clouds look different in Ireland!" when we were talking about the sneak peek photo. Awesome bridesmaids dresses...Loved them all!  07.27.09, 9:56pm
Deann B. - Alison, these are gorgeous! I especially love all the group shots. Those are usually the most boring for me, but I love all of your groupings and creative posing. Great job, girl!  07.27.09, 8:40pm
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Amy and Des - Alison and Geoff - Where to begin! We cannot get over the photographs. Somehow you managed (as always) to capture so many amazing moments in time that we will be able to cherish forever. You both are so truly talented and we are so very lucky to have had you both with us for the adventure. We can't thank you enough for making time to come over and share in our special day. Lots of love, Des and Amy  07.27.09, 6:52pm
Mary Dunlap - Alison, these are gorgeous! I can't pick any favorites out of these....too many to choose from! Looks like it was a beautiful day....fabulous work.  07.27.09, 6:51pm
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Trish - Stacy took the words right out of my mouth! I am amazed. From just what is on this blog you could make the most beautiful book telling a beautiful story. I ABSOLUTELY love the black and white one taken from afar of that little stone chapel. Fabulous work Geoff and Alison, as usual :)  07.27.09, 5:40pm
stacy - i am having trouble finding the words to type that say HOW AMAZING these photos are! looks like you and geoff had a fabulous time and even more were able to capture great shots of amy and des's love for one another! EXCEPTIONAL job alison and geoff!  07.27.09, 4:03pm