jenn - Man I miss Hawaii! These are gorgeous! I LOVE the 2nd one!  03.20.11, 8:30pm
jessica - the light and the colors in these are amazing.  03.20.11, 2:53pm
Allison - The colors in these photos are breathtaking! Hurry home and post some more! Hope you all had a fantastic time!  03.20.11, 10:00am
Raquel - I CAN'T WAIT to see the rest of these pics! Love the beach and sunset photo! Beautiful!  03.19.11, 11:40pm
Heather - Can not wait to see more and to see the wedding photos!!!  03.19.11, 6:01pm
Ann - Phenomenal!  03.19.11, 5:56pm
stacy - the second photo is so beautiful! love the sunset you captured!!!  03.19.11, 4:55pm