"aunt cheri" - I love all the pictures. You two are as lovely as you are gracious. Thanks for allowing me to share in part of your celebration at the sunset sail. I love the pictures of you dancing.....Alison captured your joy and spirit.  03.23.11, 11:49pm
marcee - CAN'T WAIT to see the rest of these!!!  03.23.11, 8:20am
laura - ditto on everything said above!  03.22.11, 10:39am
Beth - these photos are WONDERFUL. you've captured my cousin and her husband in their element. hope you enjoyed your visit to hawai'i - looking forward to the rest!  03.21.11, 5:30pm
Sarah Neal - wow. nuff said.  03.20.11, 11:18pm
Allison - FABULOUS ! LOVE - LOVE - LOVE!  03.20.11, 10:49pm
Sarah - It is not surprising that you get to photograph all over the world. I have been drooling over every image and my heart skips a beat when you have a new post. There is noone like you. You seem to capture people for who they are. All the joy and all the emotion. This image is beautiful. Beautiful couple. Beautifully shot. Can't wait to see more.  03.20.11, 9:20pm
Meghan - This photo took my breath away Alison!!! I love the sunlight shining through the leaves!! Can't wait to see more!!  03.20.11, 8:59pm
jenn - oh my goodness! Gorgeous! Can't wait for more!  03.20.11, 8:29pm
jenna - LOVE!! Hope you had a great trip :) Can't wait to see the rest!  03.20.11, 6:54pm
Becca - There is something about this couple that I just love. Beautiful picture. The green is amazing! Hope you both had a wonderful trip!  03.20.11, 6:37pm
stacy - soooooooo cute! love it. can't wait to see more!!  03.20.11, 5:29pm
Nicole - So beautiful! I can't wait to see more...  03.20.11, 4:45pm
jessica - Stunning, Alison! I love the leaf background and her birdcage veil is fantastic. Can't wait to see more!  03.20.11, 2:50pm