susan - D and C, You two are the real deal. I wish we could have been there to celebrate with you. Enjoy every moment together. The pictures are gorgeous. Alison- as always, you make those who can't make it feel like they are connecting with the bride and groom. Thank you for this!  03.31.11, 5:35pm
jessica - what a stunning wedding. beautiful work!  03.28.11, 7:03pm
beth - these pictures are WONDERFUL, but you know that already. so very very amazing - at a loss for words. : ) thank you!  03.26.11, 11:37am
stacy - the slide show makes me fall more in love with this wedding! kudos to you and geoff on a fantastic job!!!! best ever!  03.25.11, 8:51pm
kim - love love love love LOVE <3  03.25.11, 4:59pm
Raquel - Just gorgeous! Beautiful setting and beautiful couple!  03.25.11, 11:38am
jeanie - every image is emotional. every image is a piece of art. any couple that has you and geoff shooting their day is one lucky couple. you two capture moments so incredibly.  03.24.11, 9:31pm
Erin - Oh my goodness! These are unbelievable! I can't even pinpoint a favorite because they are all so stunning! What a beautiful couple. You knocked it out of the park, as always!! :-)  03.24.11, 8:26pm
stacy - i have to agree...i think this may be my new favorite wedding of all time! LOVE IT! you told their story perfectly!!!!!!!  03.24.11, 7:55pm
Katelin - Absolutely in awe...holy cow, Alison. Cannot pick a favorite because every shot is so perfect. I'm getting a little emotional and I don't even know this beautiful couple!! FANTASTIC!  03.24.11, 11:15am
Becca - This may be my new favorite wedding you have shot - the couple, the location, your amazing ability to capture emotion. I LOVE it! Amazing job, you guys!  03.24.11, 9:16am
coco - my numero uno here is the bride's head shot amid the stark white field...incredible. she is so vulnerable yet so clear. the ring shot is another money shot here - amazing! i also like the very sophisticated composition of opening shot of beach goers and sun worshippers from whatever floor you were on...very nice...the candid shots of the bride (authentic, real, and I have a sense, smart and hilarious sense of humor) and the sweetness in the groom's demeanor toward her are harbingers of a happy joyful marriage. (so says coco!) xoxoxo  03.23.11, 11:30pm
julie - these knock my socks off.  03.23.11, 10:54pm
Ann - These are stunning. emotional. sweet. and perfect. What beautiful memories captured for a beautiful couple. I have so many favorites but I have to say that I love that black and white of Christie and I love that Mr & Mrs signs.  03.23.11, 10:31pm
Carly - Absolutely AMAZING! Her dress is stunning and your photos are beautiful!  03.23.11, 10:30pm
Mary Dunlap - I love everything about this wedding. The photo of the bride laying down on the grooms lap is my FAV!  03.23.11, 10:23pm
Allison - LOVE the beach shots! Ring shot is amazing too....I'm feelin' the love....Great job guys!  03.23.11, 10:16pm
jenn - holy ohmygod. I love it all! Amazing!! I can't even pick a favorite!  03.23.11, 10:09pm
nicole - wowza! wowza! wowza! great dress, adorable paper, fab location. what a beautiful wedding day and photos to cherish for a lifetime. this makes we want to get married all over again!  03.23.11, 9:43pm
Erica - oh my gorgeous location! Her dress is amazing. The individual desserts- so cute! You did such a great job capturing the day!  03.23.11, 8:57pm