Leslie Hall - LOVE!!!!! Stunning. So much love and happiness to both of you.  04.01.13, 10:29am
Nichole - Congratulations! Jess you look amazing and that dress is beautiful! I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures:)  03.25.13, 5:59pm
tammy - so beautiful, can't wait to see the rest!  03.25.13, 9:51am
Jamie - Love these & I cannot wait to see the rest!!  03.25.13, 9:23am
Marie - Beautiful!  03.24.13, 7:11pm
Ann - So pretty! Can't wait to see more from the day! Love their style and that path in the woods is perfect!  03.24.13, 3:19pm
Jenn - What a gorgeous dress. Classic and beautiful.  03.24.13, 2:57pm
Allison - BEAUTIFUL dress!!  03.24.13, 2:46pm