Nina - Congratulations Alison. Whenever people see this picture from our wedding they say "This photo is amazing, it should be in a magazine"... and now it is! Couldn't be happier for you!  04.24.09, 1:51pm
Kristen - Yah, baby! I found this on my own, leafing through PDN, and did a little dance on your behalf! :)  04.23.09, 1:24pm
Allyson - Congrats Alison! That is so exciting :)  04.22.09, 8:09am
Mandi - Congrats Alison!  04.22.09, 5:51am
Cindy - ditto with everyone else - you totally deserve it! :) You're sooooo talented!  04.21.09, 6:08pm
Raquel - That's great! You soooo deserve it!  04.21.09, 2:12pm
jenn - Congrats! You totally deserve it!  04.21.09, 12:53pm
Mike Panic - w00t!  04.21.09, 8:57am
danielle - congrats! you are amazing!!!  04.21.09, 8:46am
dave + wendy - congrats alison... well deserving  04.20.09, 8:22pm
Mary Dunlap - Congrats! Great magazine and great photo!!  04.20.09, 5:22pm
jenna - WOOOOOOHOOOO! :) You deserve every award out there!  04.20.09, 3:59pm
Kim - Rock on Alison! Congratulations on the accomplishment! You deserve it!  04.20.09, 3:53pm
Briony - CONGRATULATIONS!! That is soooo exciting :)  04.20.09, 12:40pm
stacy - yay...congrats!!! this is awesome :)  04.20.09, 12:38pm
Erica - Good for you! That is so exciting :)  04.20.09, 11:12am
maria - YEAH!!! That is AWESOME! Congrats girl :) it is so deserved... the image is stunning.  04.20.09, 10:39am