Laura - Love the picture of Jenn holding the bottle with her chin. Brings back memories :)  04.23.09, 8:15pm
Lisa - Photos came out great...hope you enjoyed Nagles!  04.23.09, 8:05am
Briony - These are beautiful...I love the boy's pants! They are an adorable family :)  04.23.09, 7:51am
Joanna - oh my gosh.. all 4 boys are getting soo big soo fast!! awesome pics alison (per usual).. love u Jenn!  04.23.09, 6:36am
Erica - Oh my gosh- too precious! Love the pants on your boys! And am always happy to see a pic of YOU!  04.23.09, 4:55am
jenna - So fun! You're kids are so lucky because every day is "take your child to work day" for them! :)  04.22.09, 8:37pm
brooke @ claremont road - Awesome pictures, Alison! I just saw the twins a few weeks ago and already they're growing up so fast :-) (And thank you so much for the mention of my new Etsy shop!)  04.22.09, 8:04pm
jenn - Well, if you add in Ethan, it's THE 5 cutest boys ever!  04.22.09, 8:01pm
stacy - so jealous i didn't go with you all! what a fabulous time it looks like all had...and jenn is right...4 of the cutest boys ever!  04.22.09, 7:47pm
jenn - ADORABLE! 4 of the cutest boys ever! I had so much fun, thanks for a great day! Tell my boyfriends hello!  04.22.09, 7:28pm